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CASH PRIZES $ AWARDS: Apply for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2023

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) represent the foremost international competition designed for students who are not only pursuing their college or university education but also actively managing and operating businesses. This competition is under the patronage of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), a global network comprising more than 14,000 entrepreneurs.

GSEA is inclusive and welcomes students from around the world who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs. To meet the eligibility criteria, students must demonstrate a minimum of six months of active business operation and have generated at least US$500 in revenue.

The competition unfolds in a three-tiered structure: local, national, and global. At the local level, students engage in friendly competition with their peers within their respective communities. The victors of the local stage then progress to the national stage, where they compete against students hailing from various countries. Finally, the champions of the national stage earn the opportunity to participate in the global stage, which takes place in a different city each year.

The historical journey of EO GSEA traces its roots to the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University, where it initially included participants from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Its transformation into the "Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)" marked its global expansion. The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) took charge of the program, ensuring its sustainability and continued growth. Over time, the program achieved significant milestones, with student nominations reaching 1,000 and expanding into 12 new countries, totaling 18. Local and national competitions now span over fifty locations. The Global Finals, held in Bangkok, Thailand, saw fifty student finalists representing 50 different countries. Further expansion brought GSEA into six new countries, reaching a total of 56. A documentary titled "Own the Room" was released, chronicling the inspiring journeys of five GSEA finalists on their path to the Global Finals. Additionally, the program's reach extended with the launch of "Start it Up," garnering over 1.5 million views.

The global stage of GSEA spans a week, offering participants workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking sessions. The global winners are rewarded with an extensive prize package valued at US$100,000, comprising cash, in-kind services, and mentorship.

GSEA serves as an exceptional platform for student entrepreneurs to gain recognition for their businesses, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and receive valuable mentorship. All student entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply for this enriching experience. The location for this competition is in the United States.

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Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
• Mentorship: GSEA offers students access to seasoned entrepreneurs who can provide valuable guidance and support, aiding students in the growth of their businesses.
• Networking: GSEA provides students with the chance to connect with fellow student entrepreneurs worldwide, fostering relationships, knowledge sharing, and collaboration opportunities.
• Media Exposure: GSEA winners and finalists gain media exposure, raising awareness about their businesses and attracting potential customers and investors.
• Prizes: GSEA winners receive cash prizes to fuel the expansion of their businesses.
• Recognition: GSEA winners earn recognition as among the world's leading student entrepreneurs, enhancing their credibility and appeal to customers and investors.
Eligibility Criteria
• When applying, you must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate* student at a university or institution for the present academic year. Part-time enrollment is acceptable, and full-time enrollment is not required.
• Your student business must have you as the owner, founder, or majority shareholder. Each company can have only one student entrepreneur owner or co-founder.
• Your student-run company should have been in operation for at least six consecutive months before applying.
• At the time of application, your company should have generated US $500 in revenue or received US $1,000 in investments.
• You should not have been a finalist in the GSEA Global Finals Competition in any previous year.
• The maximum age for participation is 30 years old. Graduate students who have continuously enrolled in a university after completing their undergraduate degree, without taking a break to focus solely on their business or seek other employment, are eligible to apply. Students who took up to one academic year off before starting their postgraduate degree may be eligible for an exception.
Eligible Countries
Open for all
Application Procedure
Click on the official link below to apply
Official Link

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