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Fully Funded to USA : Apply for the Harvard University MBA Scholarship 2025

Harvard University is offering/announced this scholarship, which is open to all nationals of the United States for study there. Under this scholarship, students can pursue MBA-level programmes in any of the subjects taught at Harvard University.

All nationals of the world have an amazing opportunity to finish their education in any discipline at Harvard University on scholarship in the United States.

The Harvard University MBA Scholarship in the USA for 2025 is your fantastic chance to study at one of the most prominent institutions in the world and earn a degree from a reputable school. Aspiring students from all over the world now have the opportunity to pursue their academic goals without having to worry about paying for tuition thanks to this completely financed scholarship programme. Here is all the information you require on this esteemed scholarship.

The Harvard MBA Scholarship is a premier international programme that provides a fully funded curriculum, a prestigious opportunity, and an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling upcoming leaders to effect change.

Concerning the Boustany Foundation
1. Education and Cultural Exchange: The Boustany Foundation, which is committed to promoting education and cultural exchange, oversees the Harvard MBA Scholarship.
2. Internship Opportunity: Recipients of scholarships will take part in a two-month internship with the Boustany Foundation, where they will obtain real-world experience and help with worthwhile projects.
3. Impact Beyond Specialisation: With the help of this scholarship, gifted people will be able to address global issues and improve society, which will increase the influence of their education beyond their particular fields of study.

May 31, 2025 is the deadline for submitting an application for the Harvard University MBA Scholarship.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Harvard University
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
a USD 102,200 scholarship to cover tuition costs; awarded as USD 51,000 per school year.
a chance to intern at the Boustany Foundation in Monaco, which includes lodging, meals, and travel costs.
Eligibility Criteria
All students are welcome, however those of Lebanese heritage will be given priority.
outstanding academic record and a strong desire to change the world for the better.
both English proficiency and a copy of your Harvard University acceptance letter.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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