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Fully Funded to USA : Check out the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2025-26 

The Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship is a fantastic chance for exceptional achievers globally to receive funding. Applications for this fully-funded fellowship in the USA are sought from outstanding writers, scholars, scientists, practitioners, public intellectuals, and artists whose notable work experience has made a substantial record in their respective disciplines. There are many advantages to this Harvard fellowship, such as childcare subsidies, housing, and relocation assistance. Additionally, project expenses and a stipend will be given to fellows.

Great programme, the Radcliffe Fellowship, provides 50 fellows with opportunities every year in a variety of fields related to their areas of interest. "Diversity" is this program's strongest suit. irrespective of the discipline you work in, the stage of your career, your race and ethnicity, your country of birth, your gender, your sexual orientation, or your ideological viewpoints.

The Radcliffe Institute, which is housed within "Harvard University," the greatest university in the world, is where the Harvard fellowship is administered. You will be able to become a part of the creative and multidisciplinary professional community thanks to this wonderful chance. People can use this platform to immerse themselves in their research projects and get away from their daily routine. You'll have the chance to become knowledgeable about the most recent methods, tools, and approaches in research. When individuals from many fields come together, a well-informed approach forms the basis of the idea construction process.

The Radcliffe Institute's Harvard research fellowship seeks to advance global thought leaders' ability to address the world's most important issues and reach a non-academic audience. Being a part of this institute, which is regarded as one of the top hubs for multidisciplinary research, will be an honour for you. Researchers are encouraged to follow their aspirations of carrying out curiosity-driven studies in order to increase participants' overall comprehension of the problems.

September 12, 2024 is the deadline for applications in the humanities, social sciences, and creative arts; on the other hand, October 3, 2023 is the deadline for applications in science, engineering, and mathematics.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Harvard Radcliffe Institute.
Event Duration
7 months
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
The award has a $78,000 worth.
$5,000 is given to pay the cost of the project.
There is a relocation fund awarded.
A fund for housing is awarded.
There is funding for child care.
Help with healthcare is given.
Being able to operate in an international setting will be an honour.
It will assist in enhancing your professional abilities.

Eligibility Criteria
Any nationality is welcome to apply.
Had to have achieved excellent grades.
Independent research and writing abilities are a must.
If you are applying as a practitioner, you must be recognised as a leader in your profession, hold senior leadership roles in non-profits, the public sector, or the commercial sector, and have at least ten years of relevant experience.
As a former Harvard fellow, you ought not to be.

Eligible Countries
All Countries

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