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FUNDING AVAILABLE: Apply for the African Leadership Academy

African Leadership Academy offers a unique educational experience that sets it apart from other institutions. Here, students are not only challenged to achieve their academic potential but also to embrace their leadership abilities.

Joining ALA means becoming part of an intentional community dedicated to addressing Africa's economic, social, and political challenges. It marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards making a positive impact on the world.

ALA is committed to making its diploma program accessible to all successful applicants, regardless of their background or nationality. A remarkable 97% of ALA students receive financial assistance, ensuring that finances don't become a barrier to education.

Every applicant admitted to ALA becomes eligible for substantial financial assistance in the form of scholarships, making studying at ALA and accessing the lifelong network within reach. The all-inclusive fees cover tuition, accommodation, meals, and uniforms, amounting to $30,900 per year.

Financial awards are determined after admissions decisions are made, considering each family's financial means. ALA expects families to contribute to their child's education while also relying on the support of a global network of ALA's supporters to ensure that every admitted student can attend. Those from more financially disadvantaged backgrounds receive more significant financial assistance, while families with more resources contribute accordingly.

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