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Funding from IUCN French Committee : Apply for the ProBioDev Program to support Projects focused on Biodiversity Conservation

The IUCN French Committee is launching a call for proposals to support projects in developing countries led by civil society partnerships that aim to support projects focused on biodiversity conservation and nature-based solutions, addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. This call is part of the Support Programme for biodiversity Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) active in developing countries (ProBioDev).

The grant programme is dedicated to enhancing the condition of biodiversity in poor nations by financing conservation initiatives headed by civil society organisations in France and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In order to address the problems posed by biodiversity in the South, the programme will encourage alliance tactics and the creation of fair and cooperative partnerships.

Within this framework, the CSOs that receive grant initiative support will also gain from the growth of their partnerships, organisational and technical support, and increased added value and sustainability of their actions. With a focus on the goals outlined in the GBF and GBF, this strategy seeks to strengthen the ability of biodiversity CSOs to advocate for international collaboration in response to regional and global biodiversity concerns.

The finance of the project will be concentrated on protecting biodiversity and addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation through Nature-based Solutions (NbS). The living conditions of the indigenous populace must be improved, and problems like poaching and the illegal wildlife trade must be addressed.

By capturing and storing carbon dioxide, NbS can lower CO2 emissions and lessen the danger of natural disasters. They assist local people in many ways and are efficient in tackling biodiversity protection and attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 26-May-2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply for this opportunity.

Additional Information

Host Institution
IUCN French Committee
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
The goal of this call is to provide funding for roughly ten field projects, with awards ranging from €100,000 to €250,000, with a maximum 24-month period.
These funds will cover up to 90% of the total project expenditure in co-financing.
Eligibility Criteria
CSOs with an interest in partnering on initiatives involving two nonprofit organizations—one registered in France and the other in a developing nation—that have been operating for at least two years are invited to apply. A local CSO must be the primary partner, and the project leader must be a French CSO. The collaboration needs to show that it adds value and complements the goals of the project. CSOs are eligible to submit two grant applications: one as the principal partner and one as the project leader. French CSOs, labour unions, and public interest foundations receive grants.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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