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JOBS: Apply for Emirates Cabin Crew jobs in 2023

The best job in the entire world. Imagine waking up in Singapore, traveling to Bangkok, and tasting Malaysian cuisine. Only the Emirates can make this possible. Apply for a position as cabin crew with Emirates to work in the air in 2023. Yes, there is cabin crew on board who is willing to assist passengers and provide them with meals and water. Emirates Airline announces open days for hiring cabin crew.

The base salary for cabin crew on Emirates is AED 10,170. In addition, Emirates offers free transportation, free meals, free lodging in furnished apartments, and free annual leave. The biggest and best airline in the world is Emirates.

Positive aspects.

Beginning Pay and Flying Pay:.

Monthly base salary: AED 4,430.
Based on an average, flying pay is AED 63.75 per hour.
Monthly: 80–100 hours.

Average Total Pay AED 10,170 per month (roughly USD 2,770, EUR 2,710, or GBP 2,280).
Layover Costs: Emirates offers free meals for overnight stops. The company offers hotel accommodations as well as transportation to and from the airport.

Every member of the Emirates cabin crew will have a place to call home in Dubai. It follows that you will receive a salary that is tax-free. Free utilities like electricity and water are included with furnished housing.

Transportation is provided by the business to get employees to and from work and training colleges.

Uniform for Cabin Crew: Free of charge from the company, includes. dry cleaning at specific locations in Dubai.

Travel and Leaves There are 30 days of paid leave each year. Your country of origin will receive one firm-free annual leave ticket.

Tasks of the cabin crew.

An Emirates cabin crew member's job responsibilities include:.

Greeting and helping boarding passengers.
get the plane ready to take off.
Offer customer support.
Serve food and beverages.
Safety measures should be demonstrated.

Uphold law and order and safety.
the provision of first aid.
Get the plane ready for takeoff.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link to APPLY

Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
You will have the opportunity to travel around the world.
Meet new people from all over the globe
Earn a competitive salary and benefits
Eligibility Criteria
To be considered for Emirates cabin crew you’ll need to be:

Fluent in written and spoken English (additional languages are an advantage)
A natural team player with a personality that shines
At least 160cm tall and able to reach 212cm high
Able to meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements

And have:

At least 1 year of hospitality or customer service experience
A minimum of high school (Grade 12) education
No visible tattoos while in Emirates cabin crew uniform
Eligible Countries
Open for all
Application Procedure
Click on the official link below to apply

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