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Paid Internship : Check out this World Bank GrowAfrica Internship Program

GrowAfrica seeks six (6) interns to work on Upstream and Advisory projects that will lessen the operational risks associated with the IFC investment projects by enhancing food security, bolstering supply chains, collaborating more with the World Bank, enhancing farmer capacities, enhancing product traceability, enhancing food safety, etc.

Interns will get the chance to learn vital skills in the field and advance the agriculture business by taking part in these initiatives. The Project Coordinator will provide direct supervision to the interns in addition to the Project Leader's overall management.

GrowAfrica Project 1: Increasing an agri-commodity trader's ability to source more from farmers

GrowAfrica Project 2: Encouraging sustainable farming methods and enhancing business administration procedures for Ugandan coffee growers

GrowAfrica Project 3: Encouraging agricultural output in Angola, particularly in the poultry and coffee industries

GrowAfrica Project 4 aims to revitalise Mozambique's cotton industry by boosting production via training and building a dependable supply network.

GrowAfrica Project 5: Creating a heatmap of food security to direct and advise IFC's search for investment possibilities in Africa that will lessen the region's reliance on imports

GrowAfrica Project 6: Finding, interacting with, and working with World Bank programmes that can leverage IFC's private sector experience

C. The Internship's Goals

The goal of the IFC MAS GrowAfrica Intern Programme is to give competent graduate students a way to connect their professional practices and academic knowledge, easing their transfer into the workforce. GrowAfrica will also provide them with practical chances to support the growth of agriculture in Africa, as well as a chance to enhance their own abilities in delivering agribusiness projects and take use of an engaging learning environment. Additional expectations include:

Development of Skills: In order to advance their careers, interns must improve their technical, interpersonal, collaborative, and problem-solving abilities.

Industry Insights: By learning about methods, trends, and difficulties in the field, interns will expand their horizons.

Networking: Through their interactions with peers, mentors, and professionals, interns will make important contacts for next opportunities.

Interns will be provided with constructive criticism to enhance their performance and cultivate a growth mentality.

Adaptability: Through exposure to a variety of scenarios and work settings, interns will develop adaptability.

Project Involvement: Through project participation, interns will advance their understanding of the dynamics of the agricultural supply chain while making a significant contribution to IFC's objectives.

CV Boost: Having an internship strengthens a candidate's CV and helps them stand out in the competitive job market.

The interns will assist the Project Coordinator in training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices, Licensed Buying Agents on record keeping and traceability of the sesame supply chain, maintain a database of project documents, support project planning, monitor risk registers, establish demonstration sites, supervise farmers on seed production, prepare materials for major activities, contribute to best practices, promote sustainable agro-ecological practices, develop a heatmap for priority crops in Africa, support World Bank operations, coordinate project meetings and field trips, and participate in other duties as assigned by the Project Coordinator/Project Leader.

 Anticipated Commencement Date

The anticipated start date is set for June 1, 2024, and it will run till July 31, 2024, with a minimum of two months and a maximum of six months.
Under each project, the intern will be directly supervised by the Project Coordinator and report to the Project Leader (PL).

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 30th May 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply

Additional Information

Host Institution
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits

The following is how the internship package will be organised:
• The maximum number of working hours per month will be 160, with a weekly maximum of 40 hours.

• The pay for the internship will be decided based on credentials and experience.
Eligibility Criteria
The candidate should have a master's or PhD in agricultural science, with at least two years of experience. They should have specialized knowledge in crop-science, agriculture economy, agronomy, soil management, or related fields. They should be able to multitask, work well under pressure, communicate effectively in multicultural environments, understand African agribusiness challenges and opportunities, and be a results-oriented team player.
Eligible Countries
Location: Nigeria; Uganda; Angola; Mozambique; or Dakar

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