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Remote Job Opportunity : Mercy Corps is hiring a Climate Thought Leadership Writer

Leading international organisation Mercy Corps was founded on the conviction that a better society is achievable. Mercy Corps works with partners in more than 40 countries to implement radical solutions in times of tragedy and adversity, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and forge better communities from within.

The description of the Climate Thought Leadership Writer Project:

According to Mercy Corps' ten-year Pathway to Possibility strategy, one of the two main causes of fragility in the world today is climate change. It also lists Mercy Corps's five main organisational commitments, one of which is to become a "Climate-Smart" organisation.

Increasing financing from private philanthropy sources that prioritise climate change and influencing the goals of these and other target donors are two crucial tactics for fulfilling this climate wise pledge. In order to facilitate this, Mercy Corps plans to create a number of thought leadership position papers on climate-related topics. These papers will be used in talks and media campaigns leading up to, during, and following significant climate events this year, such as COP29 and New York Climate Week.

Mercy Corps is looking for a seasoned remote consultant who can write this series of papers using the programme and technical teams' outline and content. Mercy Corps believes that these audiences and forums will find its extensive experience and evidence on climate issues and solutions highly relevant. Nevertheless, Mercy Corps frequently finds it difficult to articulate these concepts in a way that enhances Mercy Corps' reputation as a knowledgeable, sophisticated, and considerate player in climate action spaces and among important stakeholder groups.

A successful consultant will contribute to making sure that these technical papers stand out in the congested climate area, effectively conveying Mercy Corps' audacious ideas and points of view and acting as a springboard for more goods and communications.

The series' priority issues include a wide range of technical domains, such as climate and migration, energy access as adaptation, and climate-smart animal production in dry regions. Experts in technology and science will contribute to Mercy Corps. In order to transform data and illustrations into concise, engrossing narratives and suggestions, the writer for Climate Thought Leadership needs to have prior experience collaborating with technical specialists.

Thought Leadership on Climate Change Author Activities:

The Consultant from a Distance will:

Compose three or four interesting papers.
Determine Examine the series' draft content and organisation, making suggestions for improvements to ensure maximum impact and coherence throughout.
Make first drafts of the papers based on the specified outlines and material for evaluation and discussion with Mercy Corps co-authors and other relevant parties.
Write further drafts of papers in response to criticism, but only to the extent necessary—one or two modifications each paper is anticipated.
Complete drafts
Work with the climate and communications teams to find secondary products (such blogs and op-eds) that can spread important messages.
Discuss and list the most important messages that came to light during the writing process.
List the ancillary items that are essential for conveying priority messages.
Attend communications product planning meetings and talk about the ideas that are created.


Additional Information

Host Institution
Mercy Corps
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
a bachelor's degree (a master's degree is desirable) in a suitable technological field
five to ten years of expertise in technical writing, with a preference for climate writing
Climate-related knowledge and proficiency
a history of delivering excellent written content
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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