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Stipend and Grant Available : Apply for the People Powered Climate Democracy Accelerator U.S.A

Leaders in the government and civil society are welcome to apply for the People Powered Climate Democracy Accelerator. The Climate Democracy Accelerator (CDA), a six-month practice-focused training and support programme, was introduced by the People Powered Organisation.

The CDA provides its members with the tools they need to plan and implement a fair, inclusive process for a climate transition. By participating in the CDA, new members will initiate a project to carry out a participatory programme with a climate focus. The needs and voices of the local communities must be taken into account in their programme.

To be selected for this programme, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the civil society must work together. There is space for 15 participants in the programme, and candidates are encouraged to apply from anywhere in the world.

Background of the Programme:
Climate change is a serious global concern that affects every aspect of modern life, including forest fires, reduced agricultural yields, droughts, rising sea levels, and catastrophic flooding.

To address these problems and solve the climate crisis, governments must provide people, activists, civil society, and many others the tools they need to participate in the creation and implementation of climate policies.

Including marginalised voices in decision-making processes and encouraging public participation in these initiatives are two ways that governments can create climate-focused policies that respond to community concerns.

As such, People Powered is seeking leaders in civil society and government to form a new cohort of innovators ready to launch participatory projects. This project attempts to influence climate policy in the areas of agroecology, air pollution, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and more.

Don't miss out on the application deadline 27 June 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached to apply.

Additional Information

Host Institution
People Powered Organization
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
comprehensive guides like their interactive web tool, the Participation Playbook, for creating participatory programmesLive practice sessions and virtual courses a $10,000 award for implementation.a chance to propose a further USD 20,000 prize for the best proposal created by programme members
Eligibility Criteria
Legislators, staff members, and local government representatives intend to launch a programme that will involve the public in equitable decision-making about climate change.If the applicant is a government organisation, they should work with a civil society organisation or non-governmental organisation (NGO) as the grant recipient must be a non-governmental organisation.Be advocates for climate change or staff members of civil society groups willing to collaborate with a government agency to create an interactive programme with a climate theme.
If the applicant represents a civil society organisation, they should work with a government agency before implementing the action plan.Governments and organisations in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe are especially encouraged to apply.Priority is also given to applications from People Powered and Open Government Partnership members.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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