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 With funding of up to EUR 10,000 , Apply for the WACC Climate Change and Communication Rights Program

WACC is looking for partners from the civil society in the Middle East, Latin America (particularly Bolivia and Venezuela), and Africa that are interested in carrying out year-long initiatives that:

Promote the growth of networks of grassroots reporters and/or environmental citizen journalists involved in local "constructive" journalism, especially those aiming to increase public awareness of environmental issues, local and traditional knowledge, and climate adaptation/mitigation. Encourage and strengthen the ability of communities at the grassroots level to employ traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) to improve local strategies for mitigating climate change.

Anticipated Results
Rights to Communication and Climate Change:
enhanced ability of community-based organisations to record and disseminate best practices pertaining to traditional ecological knowledge;
Greater awareness of the role that traditional ecological knowledge and communication play in improving natural resource management at the local, regional, and global levels; or Better networks of communication practitioners involved in climate mitigation, traditional ecological knowledge, and activities related to natural resource management.

Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
WACC will contribute up to EUR 10,000 to the project's budget and support up to three projects under this call.
As part of their collaboration with WACC, partners may be qualified to obtain the following types of assistance in addition to the funding for a project lasting a year:
Possibility of attending, subject to travel constraints, a WACC knowledge-sharing event on the subjects of media/communication and sustainable development;
the chance to win a grant of 600 EUR to promote the organization's work to the public;
Possibility of collaborating with other WACC partners on a cooperative project to discover and showcase best practices by going to a national, regional, or worldwide conference (subject to travel limitations); or Possibility of gaining access to reference materials on the rights of communication and the relationship between communication and sustainable development through WACC's online platform for project partners.
Eligibility Criteria
Support can be requested by civil society organisations that are duly registered in countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East that are included on the DAC list. WACC will evaluate each applicant's standing and reliability. WACC will review one application from each organisation at a time. Applications for projects from individuals or government agencies are not accepted by WACC. WACC backs groups that practise any or all religions.

 With funding of up to EUR 10,000 , Apply for the WACC Climate Change and Communication Rights Program 0 reviews

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