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Work from Home /Remote : Check out these job opportunities at Equality Now

Applications are open for these remote job opportunities .

Equality Now, established in 1992, is an international human rights group dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the rights of women and girls globally. Our initiatives span four core program areas: Legal Equality, Ending Sexual Violence, Eliminating Harmful Practices, and Combating Sexual Exploitation, with a specific focus on addressing the distinct needs of adolescent girls.

Through a combination of grassroots mobilization and legal advocacy at the international, regional, and national levels, Equality Now strives to effect legal and systemic reforms for the benefit of all women and girls. We work tirelessly to ensure that governments adopt and enforce laws and policies that uphold their rights. Operating as a global entity, Equality Now collaborates with partners and members worldwide. Our team of over 80 individuals operates across diverse locations including Beirut, London, Geneva, San Jose, New York, Nairobi, Tbilisi, and Washington DC, among others.


Global Digital Manager

job summary 

Equality Now is looking for a Global Digital Manager to oversee the day-to-day management of its digital channels and carry out its recently developed digital strategy. As a member of the Digital and Production Team, the function bears the responsibility of producing and distributing knowledgeable material to diverse audiences. The manager will collaborate closely with the global head of production and digital across NXT and Mailchimp to develop the professional database. The position calls for proficiency in English, a solid grasp of digital communication principles, and the capacity to manage several projects at once. Strong communication abilities, including fluency in both written and spoken English, and flexibility in work schedule are essential for the perfect applicant. A rapidly expanding international organisation, Equality Now fosters the development of ideas.

The Global Head of Digital and Production in the UK is seeking a full-time remote position, with a salary range of £49,000 to £52,000, based on a UN Cost of Living calculator.

For more details and how to apply.



Global Legal Adviser (maternity cover)

job summary 

In order to avoid gender-based harms, advance sex/gender equality in the legal system, and guarantee justice for those who have experienced prejudice and abuse due to their gender, the Global Legal Advisor will collaborate with Equality Now. Management, visibility, learning, and leadership are important duties.

The Global Legal Advisor will create legal documents, assist Equality Now's activities, and submit submissions to human rights organisations. Along with offering training on gender implications and international human rights law, they will also do legal research, analyse it, and make recommendations. In addition, the Global Legal Advisor will oversee pro bono research and collaborate directly with every team.

With a pay range of £47,534 - £59,375 in London, £38,822 - £48,509 in non-London, $29,291 - $36,587 in Spain, and $45,818 - $57,233 in France, the Global Legal Adviser role includes full-time maternity cover for up to a year. However, this is subject to alter dependent on local cost of living and FX rates.

For more details and how to apply.



Strategic Planning Consultant, MENA

job summary 

The person is in charge of managing individual consulting contracts and reporting to Dima Dabbous, a MENA representative, as a strategic planning consultant for the MENA region.

With an emphasis on the coalition's goals, vision, and mission, the consultant is in charge of creating the Hurra Coalition Strategic Plan 2024–2029. This include mapping stakeholders, evaluating campaigns, and reviewing goals.

Additionally, the consultant will hold interviews and consultative meetings with Hurra partners and members. Together with developing an implementation strategy and a framework for results and resources, the plan will also evaluate the coalition's capacity. Additionally, the consultant will deliver the plan to the Hurra Secretariat.

For more details and how to apply.


Additional Information

Host Institution
Equality Now
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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