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FULLY FUNDED TO UK : Check out for The British Academy’s Visiting Fellowships 2025

Applications for the Visiting Fellowships programme of the British Academy are now being accepted.

This programme encourages collaborative initiatives with UK colleagues by providing academics from any country with the chance to spend up to six months based at a UK higher education or research institution.

Programme Synopsis
The Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology funds the Visiting Fellowships programme, which aims to improve global cooperation in the social sciences and humanities. It offers academics the chance to work in the UK and form new relationships at any point in their careers.

Strengthen ties between international scholars and their UK colleagues by improving and creating links.
Create Partnerships: Promote the creation of fresh and continuing cooperative studies in the social sciences and humanities.
Encourage Research and Professional Development: Provide opportunities for foreign scholars to collaborate with UK colleagues on research and professional development projects.
bolster UK research bases: bolster the country's reputation in the social sciences and humanities.

Additional Information

Event Duration
three and six months.
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
Academic Level: Postdoctoral candidates or those with comparable research experience are required.
Location: At the time of application, candidates must be based outside of the United Kingdom.
Contracts: Candidates with fixed-term agreements must make sure their contracts don't expire before the fellowship is over. Scholars who are independent are also welcome.
Host Institution: Prior to applying, candidates must have made contact with a host institution in the United Kingdom. The British Academy is unable to help with this communication.
Diversity & Inclusion: Low-income nations, female scholars, and historically and/or structurally disadvantaged groups are especially invited to apply.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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