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ONE YEAR GRANT : US$5,000 to US$20,000 in grants is available for the Solidarity Fund

Do you wish to stand in solidarity with people locally or globally? Over the years, Black feminist movements have consistently emphasized internationalist, trans local, inter-movement, and cross-generational solidarity. Initiatives that promote solidarity across boundaries, movements, or groups of people are supported by the Solidarity Fund.

The Solidarity Fund promotes urgent, one-time activities that respond to or create a chance for change, enable solidarity across geographies, movements, or people, plant a new project, new collective, or new idea, support wellbeing, safety, and security, or any combination of these.

The Solidarity Fund aims to give Black feminist organizations around the world the chance to apply for adaptable core money to support solidarity initiatives across nations, movements, or individuals.

Black feminist organizations throughout the Americas (Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America), the Middle East, Europe, and Africa are now supported by the BFF.

Application Deadline: 9-Nov-23


Additional Information

Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
- The Black Feminist Fund grants resources to Black feminist groups led by Black women, girls, and gender expansive individuals.

-They support constituency-led groups advancing their rights and building social change movements.

- The fund supports groups and initiatives that work from a Black feminist perspective, are self-led by Black women, girls, trans people, and intersex people, and promote Black women's, girls', trans people's, and intersex people's rights.
Eligible Countries
(Latin America, the Caribbean and North America), the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

ONE YEAR GRANT : US$5,000 to US$20,000 in grants is available for the Solidarity Fund 0 reviews

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