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Remote Job Opportunity : The Friends of the Earth International secretariat is hiring ,check out this job opportunity 

Job description
They are searching for a Coordinator of Programme Communications to work out of FoEI's International Secretariat (IS) in Amsterdam. The director of FoEI's communications is subordinate to the post. This position provides an opportunity to support FoEI in achieving our mission of bringing about change by challenging authority and promoting transformation through press and narrative creation.

The primary goals of the Programme Communications Coordinator are to oversee and enhance the communications activities on one of FoEI's primary platforms, the International programmes, and to expand and unite the movement in favour of our vision of system change.

The four areas of focus for Friends of the Earth International's programme are energy and climate justice, food sovereignty, forests and biodiversity, and economic justice. Additionally, there are four cross-programs that are covered by the organisation: multistakeholderism, false solutions, litigation, and routes to system change.

In addition to being actively involved in day-to-day communications responsibilities, the role's primary focus is on strategizing and developing the Communications yearly work plans and activities in collaboration with the Programme staff, International Programme Coordinators and Officers, and the Communications staff.
A strategic vision is required for this function because, in addition to planning, it is anticipated to perform an overall review and report writing.

With more than 70 independent member organisations worldwide, Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is the largest grassroots environmental federation in the world. FoEI wants to make sure that local communities' hardships and experiences, particularly those of the poorest

impacted by unsustainable development - have an impact on national and international policies and practices. In addition to focusing on gender justice and internationalist solidarity, our four programmatic areas of focus are climate justice and energy, forests and biodiversity, food sovereignty, and economic justice. Our goal is to create a sustainable and peaceful society where people coexist with the natural world.
Because of the democratic and decentralised nature of FoEI, decision-making is open to all member groups. Our member groups, who convene every two years, are in charge of overseeing us.

In the interim between sessions, an elected Executive Committee composed of

delegates from each of our groups. Four regional entities comprise our member groups: the Internationalist solidarity system, the Membership Development Team, the

The international programme organisers and the gender justice and patriarchy deconstructing group.
The federation's member groups, campaigns, programmes, and other activities are supported by a small International Secretariat (IS) in Amsterdam and a number of international employees via fundraising, programme coordination, training, communications, and information management.

Concerning the Communications Group
The communications team at FoEI is a multicultural, decentralised group made up of the director of communications, who is based in Paris; a coordinator for Real World Radio, who is based in Uruguay and oversees a team of six people; and a coordinator for programme communications, who is currently employed and oversees a team of two, one of whom is based in Paris and the other in Copenhagen.
The worldwide secretariat of FoEI, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam and employs about 20 people, includes the communications staff. The two other languages of the federation are French and Spanish, with English being the primary language used for daily work.

In addition to leading the Programme Communications Team and overseeing the Programme Digital Content activities, the role entails creating and executing the Programme Communications strategy. Drafting, editing, and proofreading press releases, creating essential messaging, and upholding connections with influential journalists and press outlets are all part of the job description.

In addition, the position entails overseeing the work of the Programme Communications Officer, putting FoEI's programme communications strategy into action, and making sure digital aspects are included in work plans. In order to develop successful and exciting communications, the role also entails managing FoEI's online presence, promoting member organisations' ownership of digital content, and coordinating FoEI's vision with its own.

Applications: ● By March 31, 2024, email your resume and a motivation letter outlining how your qualifications match the essential skills and competencies of this position to

Caroline Prak can be reached by email at caroline[@]foei.org, with the subject line "Programme Communications Coordinator."
● First-round interviews are scheduled for April 10 and 11, 2024, in the afternoon (GMT), and second-round interviews are scheduled for April 23 and 24, 2024, in the afternoon (GMT).
The shortlisted candidates who are invited to participate in the second round of interviews will receive a written exercise.
● To provide the chosen applicants an opportunity to speak with the hiring manager one-on-one about the role, we will arrange a final round of questions and answers.

Additional Information

Host Institution
The Friends of the Earth International
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
The position offers a chance to work in an international, diverse network in Amsterdam. The position is open to both Netherlands-based and internationally remote staff. The full-time salary ranges from €4 314 to €4 778 monthly, and compulsory participation in a collective pension. The contract is one-year, permanent, based on positive evaluation.
Eligibility Criteria
Five years of media experience, two years of management experience, good strategic thinking abilities, fluency in the English language, and the capacity to oversee assertiveness and collaboration are all prerequisites for the position. In addition, the ideal applicant should be able to perform well under pressure and possess understanding of analytics, audience growth, and social media. The ideal applicant should be dedicated to the purpose of Friends of the Earth International, a team player, and a constructive contribution.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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