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Fully Funded to Sweden : Apply for the 2024 Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship Program 

To expand awareness of Swedish literature and the Swedish book market, the Swedish Arts Council is now accepting applications for the Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship, which will be held September 25–28 at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

Program Overview

The program aims to offer a comprehensive exploration of Swedish literature and the Swedish book market, featuring a blend of structured sessions and opportunities for personalized meetings. Separate agendas are tailored for translators and publishers, with occasional collaborative activities.

For Publishers:
Structured sessions cover various themes and trends in contemporary Swedish literature, insights into the Swedish book market, and Swedish literature on a global scale. Additionally, round table discussions with Swedish editors and other engagements facilitate in-depth conversations and foster connections among international book professionals.

For Translators:
Structured sessions include discussions on different facets of the Swedish language, topics related to translation, and a dedicated Q&A session on support for translators of Swedish literature.

The program commences on Wednesday, preceding the book fair, and concludes on Friday, coinciding with the last professional day of the event. Accommodations are arranged from Wednesday to Saturday. All lectures and meetings will be conducted in English, except for translator-specific events.

Translators who prefer to explore the book fair independently can apply for travel, accommodation, and seminar access through the standard translator grant.

All Participants:
An introductory meeting and dinner on the first day, along with a dinner on Thursday and a closing session on Friday, provide opportunities for all participants to connect. Between scheduled activities, attendees have ample time for individual pursuits, such as networking with agents in the Rights Centre or attending seminars at the book fair.

Don't miss out on the application deadline which is 19 March 2024.

Additional Information

Host Institution
Swedish Arts Council
Program Type
Fully Funded
Program Benefits
Funding Details

The grant will assist with a portion of your travel expenses, covering three nights of hotel accommodation and admission to all seminars at the Gothenburg Book Fair. Participation in the entire program is required, with fixed arrival on September 25 and departure on September 28. Depending on your location, whether within Europe or outside Europe, different travel grant amounts apply. For travelers from Europe, the grant amount is SEK 3,000, while those traveling from outside Europe receive SEK 10,000. It is acknowledged that these amounts may not fully cover travel expenses, but they are intended to offset costs. The Swedish Arts Council manages hotel reservations and payments. The travel grant is disbursed to the applicant organization's account (or the translator's account), with the applicant responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Applications for this grant are accepted once per year.
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to apply, you should be a translator specializing in Swedish literature, or a publisher or sub-agent with an interest in collaborating on translations of Swedish works. Applicants must commit to participating in the entire program and possess proficient English language skills, as the program is conducted in English.

For publishers and sub-agents, it is necessary to operate a commercial business. However, translators are exempt from this requirement but must have translated at least one book from Swedish. Preference will be given to individuals who have not previously attended the fair.
Eligible Countries
All Countries

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