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Here Are The10 YouTube Channels That Will Teach You More Skills Than a Four-Year University degree

A wide variety of instructional videos on a range of subjects, such as technology, science, business, and personal development, can be found on YouTube channels. These channels are easy to watch and have excellent instruction. A four-year degree offers specialised knowledge, whereas YouTube channels give useful content and transferable abilities in a wide range of areas.

Certain channels teach skills that are not usually covered in a standard college curriculum; they are comprehensive and well-explained.

The following ten YouTube channels are among the best in teaching you more than a four-year degree:
These resources can be used in conjunction with a four-year degree, which provides a more organized and comprehensive education in a particular sector, to enhance your knowledge and abilities.

10. The Financial Diet:

A helpful YouTube video called The Financial Diet provides clear, actionable guidance on personal finance and money management. The channel offers extensive coverage on managing financial objectives, investing, saving, and budgeting.

The goal of The Financial Diet is to give viewers insightful advice on how to become more financially literate and make wise financial decisions. It also provides content on themes linked to work and leisure, offering a comprehensive approach to personal finance.


9. Practical Engineering

A YouTube educational channel called Practical Engineering focuses on providing clear and practical explanations of engineering principles. The channel offers insights into practical applications and problem-solving strategies while covering a broad range of topics pertaining to structural, mechanical, and civil engineering. The goal of Practical technical is to simplify and increase the general public's understanding of difficult technical concepts.

Subject: Engineering, mechanical and civil.
Overview: Using real-world examples and useful applications, Practical Engineering illustrates engineering ideas and principles.


8. Charisma On Command

An instructional YouTube video called Charisma On Command focuses on enhancing charisma and confidence to help people become the best versions of themselves.

The channel discusses significant subjects including how to become more self-assured in social situations and how to make other people laugh, as well as fundamental life guidelines and how to avoid common pitfalls. The book charm On Command teaches how to maximise one's charm and turn it on whenever desired.


7. Better Than Yesterday

An instructional YouTube channel called "Better Than Yesterday" offers cartoon videos with a time management and efficiency theme. In order to assist viewers in bettering their lives and being more productive, the channel regularly and imaginatively investigates novel concepts.

Subject: Personal growth, philosophy, and psychology.


6. Bozeman Science:

Paul Andersen founded the educational YouTube channel Bozeman Science, which has hundreds of films about science and the natural world. Millions of people have watched these films all across the world.

The channel features a wide range of science and environmental issues, such as the anatomy of the human cell, animal research, wildlife, atmospheric science, and geology.

Subject: A wide range of subjects are covered, such as chemistry (atomic structure, chemical processes), physics (kinematics, forces, energy), biology (ecology, genetics, evolution), and environmental science.
Overview: The channel covers a wide range of science topics, deconstructing difficult ideas into lessons that are palatable and simple to comprehend. The material is in line with scientific curricula for both high school and the first year of college.


5. The School of Life

The goal of the instructional YouTube channel The School of Life is to teach you how to become well, heal, and develop. The channel, which was started by a group whose goal is to help young people understand themselves and find direction, healing, and peace of mind, features films that constructively address issues related to job, future, and personal life.

It offers insights into many facets of life by addressing subjects like duty, creativity, passion vs. loyalty, and mindfulness.

Subject: Personal growth, psychology, and philosophy.
Overview: The School of Life offers useful ideas for everyday living by examining subjects including philosophy, emotional intelligence, and self-improvement.


4. TED-Ed

TED is a YouTube instructional channel that caters to teachers' requirements. It is committed to researching and disseminating significant knowledge via lectures and presentations. The channel features 8 to 10 minute short films and presentations that cover a variety of topics and current affairs.

The speeches, dubbed "Ted Talks," are recordings of speeches given in public that were initially given at the main TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conferences.

Subject: A variety of topics, with a primary emphasis on science and critical analysis.
Overview: With the goal of igniting curiosity and promoting lifelong learning, TED-Ed offers animated tutorials on a wide range of subjects.


3. Khan Academy:

For people of all ages, Khan Academy is an instructional YouTube channel that offers a variety of classes, tutorials, and experiments. This nonprofit organisation wants to provide everyone with free, excellent education.
There are instructional movies available for viewers to watch on a number of topics, including as astronomy, geology, history, mathematics, and climate. You may improve your mathematics abilities and learn about physics, history, and the cosmos by subscribing to the channel.

Subject: Science, math, history, economics, and more.
Overview: Khan Academy is a great resource for academic learning because it provides free online classes and courses in a wide range of areas.


2. Crash Course:

John and Hank Green, brothers, started the educational YouTube channel Crash Course in 2000. The channel's goal is to offer top-notch instructional films covering a variety of topics, such as geography, physics, chemistry, economics, psychology, history, and more.

Subject: A range of scholarly topics.
Overview: CrashCourse offers interesting and educational films on a variety of topics, such as science, literature, philosophy, history, and science.


1. MIT OpenCourse Ware:

Nearly all of MIT's course materials are available digitally at MIT OpenCourseWare. There are excellent free teaching and learning resources available on this YouTube channel. MIT is one of the best universities in the world and in the United States.

Subject: Wide range of scholarly topics.
Overview: Course materials from a variety of graduate- and undergraduate-level courses are available for free access through MIT.


Subscribe to YouTube channels for effective courses on personal development, business, science, and technology, taught by experts in their fields, and enjoy engaging and easy-to-watch content.

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